Spider Slope Mowers

Whether you are a Contractor, Council, Road Authority, Water Authority or responsible for Public Works and Grounds Care, Spider Slope Mowers offer a specialist mowing solution. Available now from Coast & Valley Tractors on the Central Coast.

Spider 2SGS Solar Farm Mower

Spider 2SGS is a remote-controlled mower specially designed for the maintenance of turf areas around photovoltaic (PV) panels on solar farms.

The Spider 2SGS is also the only machine on the market with test certification relating to thrown objects. Keeping the risk of damage to panels to an absolute minimum.

 spider-ild01 Spider ILD01 Commercial Slope Mower

The Spider ILD01 is a remote controlled self-propelled mower for the maintenance of steeply sloping areas such as embankments, roadsides and hillsides: areas that are otherwise typically maintained by teams of brush-cutter operators or tractor-powered reach mowers.

 spider-ild02 Spider ILD02 Commercial Slope Mower

Remote-controlled self-propelled mower, ideal for the commercial contractor with large areas to maintain, particularly for steeply sloping areas such as embankments, roadsides and hillsides.

Compare the Spider Slope Mower with tractors, ride on mowers and brush-cutters. 

The Spider Slope Mower has received recognition and awards for its innovation from around the world. Follow these links to see photos of the Spider Slope Mower in action:

Slope Mowing

Heavy Duty Cutting

Winch Operation

Road Side Mowing

Dam Wall Maintenance

Drain and Waterway Mowing

Railway Corridor Mowing

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